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LIGHT GROUND (2014 — 19)

is a two hour performance work, an immersive world that layers live performance with projected light and sound, created by Mareike Yin-Yee Lee (video, installation and live drawing) and Marc Sabat (music, composition).

The visuals are constellations of video projections and live drawings cast upon surfaces of the space, paper and various reflective materials. Filmed movements of sunlight and shadow cast by natural forms fall onto segmented ceilings, floors and walls. Like the tanpuras, they form cyclic, complex patterns. Their details interact with Yin-Yee Lee‘s chain-link drawings to evoke a transforming, ungraspable inner world, shimmering light and ground.

The musical ground is a four-channel spatial sound projection of slowly transforming drone patterns recorded on two Indian tanpuras. Tuned in just intonation, the instruments produce a cycle of modulating harmonic waves. Their gradually changing tones introduce consonances and dissonances, revealing the interaction and friction between two pure harmonic chords set over a deep, pulsing fundamental frequency.

A second sound layer is performed live by a female singing voice trained in the Indian Dhrupad tradition and a quartet of specially retuned string instruments (violin, viola, and two contrabasses). In Sabat‘s composition the musicians draw counterpoints of individual tones, sketch gradually moving, intermittent lines, curves with bendings, and unite in a chorale- like melody: shadings which emerge from and return to the tanpura ground.

Both media, transitory sound and light, correlate through subtle interactions of perception to evoke states of association and reflection.

LIGHT GROUND (2014 — 2019)
Mareike Yin-Yee Lee + Marc Sabat

AMBITUS, kunstmuseum kloster unser lieben frauen magdeburg 2018
Kunst-Werke Berlin — KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2016
Video Installation and Composition | Live Performance and Drawing